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What we do

A warm drink for a homeless person.
A pair of flip-flops for an unsteady girl who can no longer walk in her stilettos.
A bar of chocolate to calm rising aggression
A friendly ear or a shoulder to cry on.
These are just some of the ways in which our street volunteers are making a real difference on the late-night streets of Norwich.
Norfolk Street Partnership volunteers work from 10pm to around 3am as a Street Team of four, on the streets of Norwich, every second and fourth Saturday of the month to offer care, concern and a listening ear to anyone in need.

There is a Prayer team of three at our base providing prayer and spiritual support to the Street Team and those in need of support. The teams are in contact mobile phones on a regular basis.

We work on the street, visits nightclubs and work in partnership with the club staff, the Police, SOS services and Safe Haven.”


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