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What others say about us

Sporting beanies and baseball caps they hit Norwich’s club-land armed with chocolates, flip flops and prayer.
Norwich Evening News
“For some, what they saw on the streets was quite an eye-opener and confirmation that there’s a real need for Norfolk Street Partnership out there.”
Good News for Norwich & Norfolk
“Norfolk Street Partnership teams are helping to make night time in Norwich a much safer place according to the local police chiefs and have been so successful they have doubled their time on the streets.”
Network Norwich & Norfolk
“Norfolk Street Partnership can provide maturity, experience, understanding and patience to the sometimes troubled individuals and difficult circumstances they encounter. They have made a difference and we are very fortunate in Norwich to have these dedicated volunteers.”
Police Inspector Peter Walsh
“They are an essential part of the night scene, very helpful and good to have around.”
Dale, doorman at Optic club
“It’s a good idea and should have been done long ago. They help to bring a bit of peace and common sense to the street.”
Gary, doorman at karaoke club Sing-Sing


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