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Join our street team

What they do            

The NSP Street team work in collaboration with the Police, Local Authority and other agencies    helping to bring a response to neighbourhood problems and engaging with people, whoever they are, where they are – on the streets of Norwich.

Street team stories

  • “I remember one night when the team were out, it was very cold.  We met a man on his own who was in despair.  Our team leader encouraged him to walk with us, rather than be on his own, which he did.  Although we didn’t know what was going to happen, it emerged he was going to throw himself in the river that night.  That night he saw something in us which amazed him - the fact we cared, that we accepted and helped him believe there was hope.”
  • “We often chat with Police when they stop and speak and we can give them sweeties.  They can show their appreciation of us and we to them.  They have trusted us to look after people who are under the influence of drugs and need care.  It’s good to celebrate a good relationship with them.”
  • “A young lady pushed past the team in floods of tears.  Sal caught up with her and, after her initial anxiety, she calmed down and explained she had had a panic attack.  We took her to Safe Haven and together we ensured she got home safe.  Agencies working together!  This was followed up by receiving a thank-you email from the young lady via Peter at Safe Haven.”
  • “I remember a time when an elderly ‘man of the street’ (homeless) was unconscious on the pavement.  We thought he may be dead but our team leader was so gentle and kind and we looked after him until the ambulance arrived.  We were called to that man by a passer-by and, as a team, we cared and loved him.”

Could you help?

To be a volunteer you must be aged over 18, be a regular church worshipper for at least a year and be prepared to undergo several days of training.

If you are interested in joining our Street Team, please contact the Street Team Co-ordinator, John Pinnington at

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